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Failboat. However...

 I'm pretty sure I failed the previously mentioned computer science midterm. It was those fill-in-the-blank questions that got me. They usually do. Brian told me those questions were directly from the reading, which I didn't do. However, my assignments are getting good, and staying mainly in the B range. I got a B+ on an assignment that Marcus got a C- on, and we did the exact same thing. Weird.
My group for Intro to DFV gets to film tomorrow. I feel like it isn't actually going to happen, which is not the best feeling to have when you're being graded and all. I just feel like something won't work out right, like Eddie ("Gnarly") will forget to show up or something. This whole thing was planned terribly. We also don't know if we passed the camera test or not, so we might not even have equipment to film. This makes me a whole lot of nervous.
Steven and I finished season one of Pushing Daisies last night. I decided, as of this morning, that I'm just going to rewatch the first season because I love it that much, and I love Ned and Chuck far too much. I really want to watch the second season, and I really really don't want ABC to cancel it, because my heart will just evaporate. I hate it when actual good TV shows get cancelled, and yet things like Chuck soar in ratings. It's ridiculous. Chuck is the lamest show I've ever seen. and Scrubs. I hate Scrubs!

I really have nothing else to write in here.

Goodnight and have a pleasant tomorrow.

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